The opportunity for a new customer experience

In this article we explained why difficult template management burdens and makes the policy generation process more expensive. And we showed how Doxee Platform® solves the problem. In conclusion, Doxee products can be used effectively in template management to optimize the generation of insurance policies . Doxee CCM improves document quality, optimizes workflow and reduces costs by ensuring collaborative access and advanced configurability. The Design and Authoring graphic modules of Doxee’s Customer Communication. Management represent fundamental tools for efficient and scalable production of templates. They simplify the process through features like dynamic “on-the-fly” design and a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface.

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Collaborative access promotes coordination between users and reduces the risk of errors. The Composer and Workplace modules allow flexible configurations, which guarantee greater security in the management of approval flows. The impact Brazil Phone Number Data that Doxee Platform® can produce on policy generation is powerful: the optimization of business processes translates directly into the opportunity to design a new, personalized and error-free customer experience. Addressing the challenges of creating and customizing insurance documents, the platform developed by Doxee allows centralized control, real-time updates and maximum consistency between various communication channels.

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In this way the management of functions in relation

to user profiles takes place in maximum security. And it becomes possible to customize different areas of the document, avoiding errors or interventions Benin Phone Number List by users who do not have the necessary permissions. The designer component is also very simple to use thanks to its What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface which allows, through simple drag & drop, to create templates, rules and style elements useful for customizing the document.

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