From paper to digital

In the insurance sector, continuing to produce and distribute paper documents, rather than a rational choice, demonstrates a lack of awareness of the serious environmental and financial consequences of insufficient digitalisation. The negative impact , both in terms of environmental sustainability and operating costs, is now evident . And the delay in the digitalisation of the customer base of some insurance companies ends up compromising their business efficiency. The still widespread preference towards paper policies and renewals is often due to the lack of customer consent to receive those same documents in digital format.

Doxee’s approach is strategic and holistic .

The objective is twofold: to drastically reduce Taiwan Phone Number Data the costs associated with the production and distribution of paper documents and to improve the effectiveness of digital communications by introducing personalization and interactivity. The challenge: delay in adopting paperless communication methods. In the insurance sector it still happens very often that companies continue to send a series of paper documents , such as policies or renewals, by post . They do this because they cannot distribute the PDF via email if their users do not declare their consent to receive it in digital format.

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The choice – but often it is rather inertia –

To continue investing in paper communications Austria Phone Number List has a strong negative impact both in terms of environmental protection and for operating costs , which have now become unsustainable, and for the delay accumulated in the digitalisation of customer base. Doxee technology allows us to rapidly increase the audience of users available to receive digital communications . How? An effective solution to the sifa is offered by Doxee technology , which allows you to quickly expand the number of users ready to receive digital communications.

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