Digitize the policy generation process

The transformation begins with the automatic sending of a communication to the email addresses held by the companies (possibly also via SMS). From this moment on, with the acquisition of responses from users, the solutions developed by Doxee allow insurance companies to obtain some important results. They allow on the one hand to verify the correctness of the address and on the other to request, perhaps by sending interactive content or a landing page, consent to receive the digital bill.  The acquisition of consensus reassures.

The insurance company on the quality

Of the digital data and expands the digitalization Malaysia Phone Number Data of the customer base. In this way, insurance companies can reduce or even eliminate the costs associated with the use of paper (production, postage, transport and delivery of documents).  Not only that: from this moment it becomes possible to send videos or digital content instead of expensive and cumbersome printed documents. Paper insurance policies, rather poor from an information point of view, are accompanied or replaced by digital communications based on individual customer data and therefore customizable and natively interactive.

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Simplify and speed up the policy generation process with Doxee Platform

Among the tools that simplify and speed up the transition from the rigidity of paper policies to the versatility of digital communications we find the Doxee Platform. Insurance policy generation and renewal benefit incredibly from the versatility Azerbaijan Phone Number List and power of interactive content. The interactive experiences of Doxee Pvideo and Doxee Pweb also allow you to build valuable relationships starting from data. The choice – but often it is rather inertia – to continue investing in paper communications has a strong negative impact both in terms of environmental protection and for operating costs , which have now become unsustainable, and for the delay accumulated in the digitalisation of customer base.


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