Why do citizens’ expectations continue to be disappointed?

The strengthening of a series of activities with important social significance. Such as for example the collection of information and the provision. Both in virtual and physical places, of relevant and accessible services for all the people who need it. Just as happens with ” customer satisfaction “, which must grow for the customer experience to improve, even in the case of citizen experience the first aspect to take into consideration is citizen satisfaction . Recent data shows how investing in customer experience can be advantageous for public institutions: Citizens are 9 times more likely to trust an institution when they are satisfied with the service they receive (Mckinsey);

Recent research by McKinsey suggests

That citizen experience is precisely the area of ​​intervention on which the solidity and authority of government policies is based. The fact is that citizens today expect to connect to public services in a secure, reliable and uninterrupted way. They want their interactions Brazil WhatsApp Number Data to be as seamless and satisfying as those they have with their favorite brands. However, citizens’ expectations for a seamless, dynamic and engaging citizen experience are rarely met. And one of the main reasons appears to be the inability of the public sector to become fully digitalised. The statistics confirm it. 60 % of citizens have a strong preference for digital channels (Mckinsey). 70 % of public sector managers believe that the citizen experience they design has a quality equal to that built in the private sector, while users place public sector services in last place among 10 sectors (Deloitte).

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Only 47% of citizens surveyed by Forrester express

satisfaction with online public services and just 40% have trust in the public organizations with which they interact.  Dissatisfied citizens are twice as likely to contact institutions’ call centers by telephone, clogging up channels that are typically Algeria WhatsApp Number List expensive and inefficient (Mckinsey). In this sense, organizations that operate on behalf of the State must necessarily strive to establish and maintain a solid and lasting relationship of trust with citizens. But there are still many difficulties and obstacles: in particular, citizens still do not seem to perceive a digital experience of acceptable quality. In light of these data we can easily understand.

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