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The involvement of Internet users, as with the rewriting of the Marseillaise in a Microbiology version The originality and the desire to get out of traditional channels, with in particular the creation of a board game on microbiology: the Bacteki It was this strategy that won over the jury. With few means, Alliance Bio Expertise has been able to set up beautiful things, using humor in a not easy sector. I also note a superb collaboration of Internet users. This is a real sign of the brand’s ability to involve everyone, internet users, but also management and sales.

The best inbound marketing strategy goes

Olivier Méril, President of MV Group and member of the jury Alliance Bio Expertise has shown great originality and creativity in its Inbound Marketing approach. They also mixed print and digital media. They prove that by whatsapp mobile number list going beyond the framework, by innovating, we often obtain good results. Stéphane truphème, ceo of captain marketing and member .Of the jury 3rd prize – digitaleo julie hamon and perrine hochet digitaleo .Julie hamon and perrine hochet from digitaleo. Are awarded a 3rd prize by the jury .The third prize for the best inbound marketing strategy goes to digitaleo. For the strategy presented by julie hamon and perrine hochet.The objective: to win 1st prize next year. Julie Hamon and Perrine Hochet, Digitaleo, winners of the 3rd prize for the best inbound marketing strategy.

To collaborate and achieve a better customer

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Over the years, the company has been able to build a successful and proven strategy. What is special about Digitaleo’s strategy? Use inbound marketing to evolve Email Data the business strategy of the company. The objective was to drastically reduce teleprospecting on files in favor of more permissive acquisition methods. So to get marketing and sales to collaborate and achieve a better customer experience, Digitaleo has focused on the creation of personas and an editorial schedule adapted to the life cycle of each of them.it’s a great exercise, which allows us to take a look in the rear view mirror and think about what we want to improve for 2020.

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