How do you make customer acquisition

Guest Suite Clément Poupeau & Loïc Bourgoin Guest Suite Arnaud Leroux (jury member), Kadoan ROBET (CIC), Clément Poupeau & Loïc Bourgoin (Guest Suite, 2nd prize winner), Fanny Bourdon-Bard (jury member) The Guest Suite strategy led by Clément Poupeau and Loïc Bourgoin was also rewarded. By embarking on inbound marketing, the challenge was to respond to commercial prospecting which is expensive and difficult to assess. So  less expensive and more scalable? By way of inbound marketing of course! Guest Suite has therefore made significant efforts in SEO but also in writing blog content.

The significant increase in positions

And it works! Guest Suite managed to create 150 pieces of content in less than 6 months by working with freelancers. They also succeeded in mobilizing phone number list internal teams for the creation of actionable content. A very good performance in content marketing which explains the significant increase in positions in SEO. Fanja Sancéau, Expert inbound marketing project manager at Winbound and member of the jury Indeed, site traffic has increased significantly and today 50% of new business comes from marketing leads. Sales reps are now focusing their outbound efforts on specific, strategic accounts. This prize was an intense moment: it’s a lot of work for the preparation of the file, then there was the pitch with great competitors.

The second prize for the best inbound marketing

Phone Number List

We are delighted to have won this award! Clément Poupeau and Loïc Bourgoin, Guest Suite, winners of the second prize for the best inbound marketing strategy Email Data 1st prize – Teralta, CHR Group Damien Beaucheix Teralta CRH Group Damien Beaucheix, winner of the 1st prize for the strategy of Teralta Groupe CRH, alongside Stéphane Truphème, member of the jury and William Saulnier, Account Director at LinkedIn Finally, the big winner of this first edition of the prize for the best inbound marketing strategy is Teralta – Groupe CHR. If the members of the jury sometimes had trouble agreeing on the winners.

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