The communication of the policy renewal

Doxee technology is at the forefront of digitalizing the insurance policy renewal process. Its graphical Design and Authoring modules allow insurance companies to easily create customized document templates using “drag and drop” logic. This approach simplifies the creation and editing of documents , allowing companies to quickly adapt to customer needs and market developments. Additionally, Doxee technology allows insurance companies to leverage existing data to deliver a highly personalized experience to customers. For example, using information about policy expiration dates, you can send customers personalized videos or responsive microsites that guide them through the renewal process in an intuitive and engaging way.

The video will remind each individual user

That their expiring policy can be renewed simply UK Phone Number Data by clicking. On an interactive button, positioned within the video itself. Another benefit of digitalizing the renewal process is increased operational efficiency . With Doxee technology, agents can quickly access the documents they need and provide personalized assistance to customers in real time. Finally, the digital transformation of the renovation process can have a positive impact on the environment . With Doxee, the policy renewal process is no longer just a transactional procedure, but evolves into an engaging digital experience for the customer. Doxee’s approach goes beyond simple data input, PDF document creation and formatting, and traditional multi-channel delivery via print and mail.

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Doxee has made Hyperion available to its customers

And potential customers : an exclusive Argentina Phone Number List cutting-edge monitoring service that quantifies the positive impact on the planet by calculating CO2 emissions and evaluating the impact of document dematerialization. Based on a methodology certified by RINA according to standards, Doxee is the ideal partner for companies aiming to achieve their ESG objectives and reduce environmental impact. Doxee doesn’t just transform PDF documents into engaging digital content.

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