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By using emotion analysis data it is possible to understand the tendency of the operator s emotions which can lead to appropriate work assignments and improvement of work results . Future Prospects of Emotion Analysis Data Utilization The cases introduc in the previous chapters are nothing more than specific cases of each company but we lieve that the knowlge gain from them will useful for many contact centers.

Retention of operators is important

For any contact center and I lieve that the process of using emotion analysis data to understand the operator s condition and follow up can realiz at any contact center. From the perspective of data analysis it is easy to use sentiment analysis data in sales operations but the same method can also us to score important KPIs in other contact center operations using emotion Oman WhatsApp Number List analysis data. For example if there is NPS for each call it is theoretically possible to create a model that estimates it from the emotion analysis data convert it into a score and calculate the satisfaction level from the emotion analysis data for all calls. The classification of types bas on emotional tendencies can appli not s by understanding the aptitudes of potential operators can also appli to many contact centers.

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As the above examples show sentiment

Analysis data is mainly us to infer something else at the moment. In order to obtain new knowlge and create inference models it is important to classify data from a certain point of view and perform statistical analysis.  Reasons why chatbot introduction fail and po Email Data ints for success Introduction of chatbot solution Advantages of setting up a user  has attract attention cause it brings various nefits to companies. Among the many nefits here we will explain three points improvement of customer loyalty solution of customer questions and improvement of service.

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