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Utilization of type classification by emotional tend. Iency With the sentiment analysis feature you can also classify the type of speaker. AmiVoice Communication Suite has a score tha. It expresses emotional and logical types and the average of this score in each call can us to classify the em. Iotional type of operators and customers. In addition since operators often have more than one . Icall data they can also infer the average emotion type.

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That if you have an emotional tendency you have high em. Ipathy and if you have a logical tendency you have a high problem solving ability. There are several examples of as. Isociations tween this type of classification and performance in specific tasks . Utilization of type classification Norway WhatsApp Number List in sales operations Bas on emotion analysis data we classifi theĀ  purchase promotion and cancellation prevention work for inbound sales into emotional and logical tendencies. It was found that there are many operators with a strong emotional tendency and there are many operators with a strong logical tendency among the top performers in churn prevention work . Utilization of type classification in inquiry work It was found that the evaluation of food relat inquiries was also relat to the type of emotional tendencies.

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Of health consultations into calls that the evaluator judg to have resolv the customer s anxiety and those that did not and examin trends in their emotions. As a result it is hypothesiz that operators with strong emotional tendencies are rat higher and that interacting with customers with e Email Data mpathy is a factor in relieving anxiety. Figure Utilization image of type classification by emotional tendency Possibility of Utilization of Emotion Analysis Data in Contact Centers As in these cases type classification by emotional tendency leads to guessing the work that the operator is potentially good at.

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