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In particular if a certain situation can scor from emotion analysis data there is no ne to collect or create data to inferr as in the example of collecting NPS or estimating evaluation results and linking it with emotion analysis data. You will able to get the information you want only with emotion analysis data . In addition if the interpretation of emotion analysis data is deepen by the knowlge obtain from analysis bas on actual situations a general method of using emotion analysis data will establish and it may possible to utilize emotion analysis data in real time.

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Of using the emotion analysis function is to analyze trends from a statistical perspective rather than to obtain pinpoint information from emotion analysis data . In addition it is important to analyze sentiment analysis data in conjunction with other data and specific situations Pakistan WhatsApp Number List and interpret sentiment analysis data according to how it is us . Relevance of emotions to specific situations and appropriate interpretation of emotion analysis will provide insights for improving contact center operations.In recent years customer facing departments such as contact centers have en experiencing an increasing support burden. What is attracting attention is the establishment of a “user community”. In this article we will explain the overview of the user community the advantages and disadvantages the flow when actually launching it and the points to keep in mind.

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Community please refer to it. table of contents What is a user community Advantages of setting up a user community Precautions for setting up a user community How to create a user community summary What is a user community A “user community” isa placeo Email Data pinions and know how and share information. In addition to responding to questions and consultations companies that provide products and services may also receive requests and ideas from users. Since it is possible to collect real opinions from users an increasing numr of companies want to use the interaction in the user community for marketing.

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