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By grouping the data according to various characteristics in this way it is easier to identify common characteristics within the group and differences tween the groups. It can us for a variety of purposes such as identifying your company s target ask questions from all the inquiries receiv at the call center. regression analysis Regression analysis is for estimating the structure of relationships tween multiple variables and the magnitude of their influence and pricting and analyzing how changes in each variable will affect other variables and overall results.

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For example if you have a call center that currently has agents what if you ruce it to While this can certainly ruce labor costs it also means more work per person longer customer wait times and possibly customer churn due to poor customer satisfaction. In business a change Portugal WhatsApp Number List in one element can ripple through the whole in complex ways and regression analysis is an analysis method that identifies common factors elements inherent in a large set of data. For example let s say you want to extract only the st customers from your total customer base bas on historical transaction data. However at this stage we don t know much more than that the common point of those good customers is large purchase amount.

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But with factor analysis you can identify subtle factors common to high value customers such as male over and responding to this ad. By using factor analysis in this way it is possible to factor large amounts of data into finer details and deepen understanding. conjoint analysis Email Data Conjoint analysis is a statistical analysis technique that identifies the factors that customers place importance on for a particular product or service. This is an analysis that plays an important role especially when developing new products and services.

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