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Kandomono ontact center response quality Achiev by UI renovation LLSYSTEM ’s consulting capabilities dramatically improve CX Introduction of chatbot solution Why Your Business Nes Data Analytics The effective use of data analytics can have many positive effects on your business. For example by analyzing customer purchase data we can deepen our understanding of what kind of purchasing trends and tastes each customer has and we can improve the efficiency of marketing and sales activities.

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Of customer inquiries and complaints receiv at the call center it is possible to clarify where there are issues with the company s products and services which can us for future product development. If you can discover the hidden nes of your customers it will lead to new business Poland WhatsApp Number List opportunities. Through data analysis various cost ruction effects can expect. By analyzing the movement of money goods and people in your company you can visualize what costs are incurr and when. By doing this we can optimize the budget inventory amount and personnel etc. and we can expect to ruce unnecessary costs. In this way by utilizing data analysis you can get a tter outlook on various situations surrounding your company. This is extremely important for making various decisions in business accurately and with solid grounds.

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Model call data driven management which improves the accuracy and quality of data analysis and promotes management decision making bas on data is attracting attention these days. techniques of data analysis Following are some of Cluster analysis is a technique for Email Data grouping each data according to specific criteria. Cluster means this group. Simple examples of cluster analysis include dividing your company s customers by gender by age group and by transaction amount. It is also possible to group more finely such as women in their s and over with large transaction amounts.

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