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Now that it has come easier to acquire big data attempts to analyze this huge amount of data and use it for business are gaining momentumFor example a TV manufacturer would want to know which factors of a TV such as picture quality sound quality price and recording capabilities strongly influence the consumer s purchasing decision. Therefore in conjoint analysis we set up various virtual TVs with different elements and survey consumers on which TV they want.

By statistically analyzing the results

Of this survey it is possible to quantitatively understand which factors consumers place importance on when making purchasing decisions and to proce with product development in line with customer n able to manage and operate with consistency even if something Qatar WhatsApp Number List goes wrong with community management. target It is also i s . Co occurrence analysis Co occurrence analysis is an analysis method that utilizes a technology call text mining. Text mining is a technology that extracts useful information for business from a huge amount of text data. Usually when we talk about data analysis we tend to think that it is bas on quantitative data that can quantifi but text mining makes it possible to analyze qualitative data that is difficult to quantify such as customer voices.

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Co occurrence analysis is an analytical

Technique that takes advantage of this text mining to reveal how strongly one word is associat with another. For example if the word product A and the word difficult to use are frequently us together it can inferr that ease of use is an issue for product A. By using co occurrence Email Data analysis in this way you can make effective use of the voices of data in business What are the important points for using data analysis in business The first point is to understand what kind of data is requir for data analysis and what is the situation of your company s data environment.

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