Possibility of Utilization of Emotion Analysis

Furthermore by applying this model to the emotion analys. Iis data for each utterance it is possible to calculate the score of the order probability for each utterance and it is possi. Ible to know what kind of utterances are made in the part where the order probability is high . Combin analysis of call t. Iext data Talk scripts are often well develop in sales operations and analysis combin with tex. It data is also effective. For example in one case only calls that do no.

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More than emotions as scores for each utt. Ierance. This score is not a textual result but is calculat from audio information such as tone of voice a. Ind it is a numerical value such as the temperature of t show a clear desire to buy such as I want to buy are analyz and the factors Nigeria WhatsApp Number List hind the acceptance of calls that do not have a strong desire to buy are identifi. In addition there are cases where the points that separate orders from orders lost are known to some extent empirically. For example when entering a product description it is a scene where you ask Is it time for you In such a case it would also effective to analyze the trends in emotional changes fore and after this.

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In one outbound sales operation

The more the customer s feelings of discomfort increas around such a point the more likely they were to lose orders and it was found that it was important to ask questions that did not arouse such feelings. I was. Figure Image of use in sales operations  Centers In this way the da Email Data ta in sales operations is clearly classifi and the procure and content of calls are standardiz to some extent so it is convenient for analyzing emotion analysis data. it will easier to get insight. The knowlge obtain will us to improve the talk script.

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