Creating two-way communications

In the hyperconnected reality we live in, knowledge that is both augmented and granular. Can only be obtained by tracking digital interactions along the entire customer journey. It is in this sense that advanced digital contents such as videos or micro sites transform. The very structure of insurance communication , making it bidirectional.  Thanks to surveys embedded in videos, for example, insurance companies can obtain details on customer habits and preferences. They can enrich their corporate CRM and exploit the knowledge gained for more focused up-selling and cross-selling proposals.

Expand customer knowledge with Doxee’s interactive experience

Doxee technology solves the problem of poor Vietnam Phone Number Data consumer knowledge. By enabling the creation of two-way communications.  With its personalized videos and interactive content. The information collected is even more numerous, pertinent and relevant. Behavioral analytics that allow you to create more accurate customer segmentation and more effective automated communications. Do you have a second home? Do you have pets?). All Doxee interactive solutions can also be perfectly integrated into the Doxee Platform. Having updated and verified information is essential, especially during the most critical phases of the insurance process: the generation of the policy and its renewal.

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In the case of signing a new policy

For example, the video can contain surveys Bahamas Phone Number List through which the customer is asked directly for information on his consumption and needs. Thanks to Doxee’s interactive experience , companies can exploit interaction with customers to receive important information about their habits, preferences and needs. On potentially problematic touchpoints such as policy generation and renewal , insurance companies are thus able not only to send documents containing basic personalization elements, such as expiry, but also personalized content that takes into account the user’s actual daily living conditions ( for example: do you have children?

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