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This is not an exception and many companies do not have human resources with experience in introducing voice recognition so it is common for them to stop at the start of the introduction project such as the introduction steps tasks and schules. In this case they were able to utilize the installation service provid by our company s specializ consultants and were able to implement the system while maintaining their independence. For this reason the initial construction including initial settings dictionary registration and tuning was carri out smoothly according to the schule.

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That the introduction of voice recognition requires not only work but also human resources with knowlge and experience of voice recognition system introduction .  I don t know what to do to improve the introduction effect This is also a common problem. It c recognition  Senegal WhatsApp Number List and accumulating speech as text. However it is just a level of tter to have than not . In order to increase the introduction value it is necessary to hold down the method of data utilization. The method of data utilization is to constantly rotate the cycle of problem → cause hypothesis formulation data verification improvement plan formulation  implementation and add changes to operations bas on the facts that can seen from there to spiral up.

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Of operators who are puzzl by the fact that all voices are visualiz and manag by the introduction of voice recognition. It s a psychological thing and you don  Email Data t physically feel the difficulty of answering the phone. However this psychological phenomenon cannot overlook. It will counterproductive to introduce it if it leads to turnover and motivation decrease.

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