Important ideas for using the emotion

However I think this is difficult at present. For example AmiVoice Communication Suite has an emotion of “discomfort ” and focusing only on areas where this score is high in order to identify the point of customer discomfort is probably not a good insight.  Here are the main reasons why it s not useful to pinpoint specific emotions as descrid above The definition of emotion itself is ambiguous and the relationship tween the situation and the score is not clear.

A single pinpoint range of emotional

Analysis data is not enough to reveal characteristics. In the above example it s not clear what the feeling unpleasant means. There is no doubt that it is a negative emotion but it is unlikely that reliability will low if the data whose substance is not known is us as it is. Therefore Nepal WhatsApp Number List in order to make effective use of emotion analysis data it is necessary to understand what kind of characteristics the emotion analysis data shows in actual situations rather than assuming the name of the emotion and its correctness. In addition it is important to use as much and a wide range of data as possible to understand the characteristics . This is to obtain statistically reliable findings. In other words it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of sentiment analysis data from statistical trends not just from pinpoint and concrete results.

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From the next chapter we will introduce

The knowlge obtain using a wide range of emotion analysis data and ideas for applying it to contact center operations. Unmann Customer Service Realiz by Email Data AI A New Era for Call Centers What is the method from acquisition to analysis of VOC Voice of Customer Utilization leading to retention of operators As mention in the previous chapter it is important to grasp trends in specific situations through statistical analysis of sentiment analysis data.

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