Addition to the emotion analysis data

In particular if we focus on the emotions of each opera. Itor the same human emotion analysis data will accumulat so it is very compatible with statistical data analysis. Here are two use cases that foc. Ius on the operator s emotions. Understanding the mental state of the operator Ther. Ie is a  change in mood . In this way there is a hidden possibility that the operator s state which cannot known from superficia. Il informcase where the score representing the active emotion for each operator was averag every hour and accumulat.

From this data it was found that

The score fluctuates depending on the time period. Therefore when we ask the operator what happen during the period when the score fluctuat significantly we found that there were many negative events such as complaints from customers. By setting it as we are making use Netherlands WhatsApp Number List of it to lead to mental care of the operator at the appropriate time. In this case in  on the mood of the day to the operator. It also came score fluctuates due to complaints even though the operator s declaration in the questionnaire shows that there is noation alone can grasp from emotion analysis data. Evaluation of operator speech expressions I think that there are many contact centers that evaluate the response quality of operators but I think there are items such as tone of voice that cannot evaluat unless a human actually listens .

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 Clear that there are cases in which the emotional

There are cases where such information has en visualiz to some extent using emotion analysis data. In this example bas on the emotional analysis data averag for each call and the results of actual evaluations by humans a model was creat to estimate the actual evaluation results from the Email Data emotional analysis data using a statistical method. In addition as a result of the analysis it was found that the higher the operator s positive emotion the tter the estimat evaluation result and the higher the stress relat emotion the worse the estimat evaluation result.

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