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It is also important to continue to operate from a mium to long term perspective without seeking short term results. LLSYSTEM s CRM solution is effective in improving the operational efficiency of contact centers and call centers. If you are a company that has problems with its management system why not consider introducing it on this occasion An increasing numr of solutions for contact centers these days are equipp with emotion analysis functions.

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Of how this function contributes to the operation and business of the contact center and the knowlge of how to use it are not yet widespread. In this article we will explain the analysis case of emotion analysis data of AmiVoice Communication Suite and the outlook for future utilization. Possibility of Utilization of Emotion Analysis Data in Contact of VOC Voice of Customer table of contents Namibia WhatsApp Number List Concept of emotion analysis function and data utilization Utilization leading to retention of operators Utilization in sales operations tendency Future Prospects of Emotion Analysis Data Utilization summary Concept of emotion analysis function and data utilization Overview of emotion analysis function he utterance that cannot understood only from the textual information .

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It is hop that using the emotion analysis function in this way to visualize information that cannot grasp unless a human actually listens to it as a score can utiliz in contact center operations. Ways of thinking that tend to fall into the use of the emotion analysis function What kind of Email Data utilization can done if the voice information of the call is visualiz using the emotion analysis function Many people want to understand the situation from real time pinpoint emotions such as I want to know the feelings of anger and dissatisfaction that are not visible on the surface of the customer and I want to know the part where the operator is struggling to respond.

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