A single data integration to evolve policy generation

With Doxee platform® , starting from a single data source, it is possible to generate multiple types of communication . With a single level of integration, the data collected or part of that data. For example the data useful for generating a policy . Using the same data, Doxee technology allows you to quickly generate both transactional. Documents in different versions and experiential communications that help conversion : videos and micro sites.

Personalized videos can summarize

Policy conditions by incorporating user Indonesia Phone Number Data information (such as policy number or expiration date) into engaging storytelling. Doxee Pweb® responsive micro sites distribute dynamic and interactive web content, building it based on the recipient’s data. Doxee Pweb proves incredibly useful in terms of user empowerment and responsibility. In this way, the insurance policy is transformed into an interactive and two-way communication . Data is used to its full potential to increase the value of the customer experience. Create engagement and foster a sense of trust in the long term.

Phone Number Data

In this article we have highlighted the enormous critical issues that arise from the numerous integrations that insurance companies. We have therefore Belarus Phone Number List underlined how enhancing the information potential without resorting to multiple. Integrations is now an absolute priority also for insurance companies. The innovative solution that offers the possibility of generating different types of communication starting from a single data source. Doxee technology allows you to overcome traditional operational silos and allows for more efficient data management by promoting interoperability between systems.

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