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A chat bot is software built to simulate human interaction. Like a friend who is always there for your client. It helps people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and helps increase profits by building a reliable and long-term relationship with your potential customer. For businesses with thousands of followers, coming up with a personalize marketing. Strategy for each client that includes responding to. Each follower can be a daunting task. Chatbots can help keep your customers by creating. A one-on-one conversation with each follower and answering their questions quickly and efficiently.  Chatbots are fast, they can respond in a timely manner, and they are always polite. No matter how rude the questioner is. For example, Facebook introduce. A chatbot update in its Messenger application.

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You can order various information from the. Messenger bot, such as weather and traffic updates, notifications when a shipment has arrive, and, for example, leaving automate messages for people. Live webcasting is. The next big thing Facebook whatsapp mobile number list already offers live webcasting with Facebook Live , and companies should learn from it. Watching live webcasts requires a commitment from the audience. Which means it keeps the non-intereste people away. channels like Agora , one-way live webcasts turn into two-way. Webcasts that give people the ability to chat with each other.

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Always respond when someone

Even more different social meia channels contribute to Email Data your SEO results because your brand reaches a very large audience very quickly. Connect with your followers on a personal level. Comment on their posts, create a discussion about your product/service and nees help. for customer service are winning the game Gartner preicts that by 2018, about 30 percent of our customer support conversations will be assiste by bots.

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