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Optimising images making them visible to search engines A picture is worth a thousand words, but unfortunately not yet for search engines. Google nees the title and “alt-tag” of the image. Surely you know the pictures with the titles 3423gdfsd.jpg etc. They often come directly from the camera and contain some combination of serial number, date and time. Instead of uploading the image like this, change the name to something meaningful and descriptive of the image. For example, “affordable, high-quality lawnmower”. the image. This is different for different content management software . Simply put, an alt tag means that if for example.

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The browser does not load the image (due to slow internet or something else), the browser shows the text written as the alt tag to the search engine. Your Latest Mailing Database homepage URLs readable The URL is the “thing” you see in the white box at the top of the browser. vs What do you think, which one does Google prefer and how does it better understand what is being said? Of course, the first option.

Latest Mailing Database

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Therefore, make sure that your homepage does not have any page URLs that say nothing. Link the content of your page to each other, inlinking In English it is calle internal links. This is use to make the content in a logical sequence. a lot of content, then Email Data definitely go and see together, refer to one article to another and vice versa. For example, if one of your articles is about “5 best lawn mowers for the average user” and the article also mentions a particularly awesome instrument in the introduction, and you have an article about this awesome.

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