CRM solution with the aim of rucing

If you refer to case studies of companies that have actually introduc CRM solutions you will able to understand what kind of problems they can help solve and what kind of results you can expect. EC mail order company A improves LTV through marketing Company A which operates an EC mail order business in Taiwan had implement segment specific marketing measures but felt that the effects were waning. In addition we were unable to fully grasp the purchasing trends in the Taiwanese market causing delays in the development of products and services.

In order to solve these problems

The company decid to introduce LLSYSTEM s CRM solution. By fusing customer insight information with existing data we have develop a new style of marketing that is different from the past and have creat an environment where customer information can us more than ever. The com Jordan WhatsApp Number List pany also introduc a contact center solution creating an environment for collecting detail information such as customer preferences and hobbies. Furthermore as a result of the support of LLSYSTEM s Taiwan branch staff who are familiar with Taiwanese business we achiev results of . times LTV average retention rate and . times CPA customer acquisition cost efficiency . E commerce company B also contribut to sales improvement Company B which operates a cross border.

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EC mail order business in Taiwan

Has not en able to develop effective sales activities for its target target due to insufficient analysis of the consumption havior and cultural characteristics of local mail order users. I was in a situation. Therefore the company decid to introduce a expenses and utili Email Data zing user feback to improve products. In order to develop promotions that lead to results we us a combination of “product” and “age” data and also work to improve the flow by conducting VOC analysis. As a result in addition to successfully increasing the contact rate by . times outbound costs were ruc by and sales were tripl compar to the previous year.

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