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Improves the problem that the phone cannot con. Inect As Rakuten Securities Inc. expand its business scale the volume of securities transactions increas and as a result of the su. Idden increase in the numr of inquiries users who made inquiries were unable to answer the phone . To solve this pro. Iblem we decid to introduce LLSYSTEM s CRM solution. In order to flexibly respond to the increase in call volu. Ime the company convert its existing PBX telephone exchange system to the cloud with a CRM solution.

In addition we have introduc a system

That visualizes the operation status of the contact ce. Inter at each stage from the numr of incoming calls to the connection status of the IVR interactive voice response system and the connection status to the communicator to quickly identify the cause of the call failure .・We have also succe in building a system that can improv. ll System Cases・The Turnover Rate Decreas LLSY Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List STEM has introduc the services it provides to its customers in house and has ruc the turnover rate of its operators. According to an analysis of operator retirement trends conduct by the compaen. Therefore the company gan using LINE official accounts to automate support operations for operators using AI chatbots.

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As a result by aggregating and analyzing

The logs accumulat through LINE exchanges it came possible to detect the risk of operator turnover at an early stage and at the same time it succe in rucing the workload of managers . In addition operators can use LINE to since it ruces their anxiety and doubts about the Email Data ir work it leads to an improvement in the retention rate and a ruction in training costs. Introducing CRM Solutions “Kandomono” contact center response quality Achiev by UI renovation LLSYSTEM ’s consulting capabilities dramatically improve CX Points to note when implementing a CRM solution Implementing a CRM solution provides a numr of nefits for a company.

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