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It can said that data utilization is to make decisions bas on data and determine the direction in which to proce. In order to make a judgment the data must highly crible. Call center operators and managers have a very keen sense of the call center situation which consists of incoming calls and customer reactions bas on their experience of dealing with customers on a daily basis. However it is very dangerous to judge the state of the call center.

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For example an operator prides itself on always making necessary announcements for users and the manager monitors the operator s call recordings several times a month and if there are no complaints in the past it is necessary to provide guidance. I judge not. In Russia WhatsApp Number List this situation it is not possible to actually detect how many announcement omissions are occurring. If this operator were only able to announce of the time the timing for noticing not announcing or wheme and effort to judge the difference tween operators who have a high acquisition rate and operators who can not acquire much and to give guidance to operators who cannot acquire.

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In addition to this there are cases where it is difficult to know whether the instructions are correct or not and the operator s satisfaction level is low resulting in poor results. By introducing voice recognition the voice data is decompos into elements and by comparing the resp Email Data onses of operators with a high acquisition rate and those with a low acquisition rate from various perspectives it is possible to detect clear differences and provide appropriate guidance . It comes possible.

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