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In this way the VOC Voice Of Customer that gathers at the contact center is very neficial and the accuracy of the hypothesis is greatly improv. Step Divide segments A segment means a group of people with similar attributes tastes and preferences. Segments are the axis that separates the development of marketing measures such as campaigns and recommendations. Data often us to divide groups are data accumulat in the CRM.

System and site access logs such

As age gender place of residence memr rank numr of purchases visits uses amount of purchases numr of purchases elaps time since purchase . Etc. As you can see we use all or part of the data items us to formulate the hypothesis in Step . In addition there is also a method of scor Lithuania WhatsApp Number List ing attributes close to the company s target from those data and dividing the accumulat score into segments. Now the question here is how granular the segmentation should . The answer depends on your purpose. By narrowing down the granularity it is possible to measure the development of highly accurate marketing measures. On the other hand if the purpose is to improve recognition it is possible to reach more users with coarser granularity. In addition the segment will able to achieve advanc targeting by repeatly verifying the hypotheses of measures.

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How to plan and implement marketing

Measures Once the segments are complete it s finally time to plan and implement marketing measures. Steps and are the execution phases of measures. Step Consider and implement marketing measures for each segment Consider what  and in what timing and with what ki Email Data nd of expression creative to execute it. To go. It is common to formulate a strategy bas on hypotheses and decide on the content of the offer within the company. There is an AB test as a method to determine the optimal creative. It is common to use it when verifying segment target and creative superiority after implementing measures.

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