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You can divide your personalization strategy into five steps. Step Clarify the purpose and goal ↓ Step Make a hypothesis ↓ Step Divide into segments ↓ Step Consider and implement marketing measures for each segment ↓ Step Verify the results and improve the marketing measures Verify the results of the measures execut in Step Bas on that we will continue the cycle of considering and implementing new marketing measures in Step . Steps to are preparation.

Step Clarify the purpose and goal

As with any strategy it is necessary to first clarify the “purpose goal to achiev and problem to solv”. Is it for improving business performance sales is it for improving customer satisfaction quality is it for promoting continuous use of the service continu Lebanon WhatsApp Number List ation rate is it for branding purposes and do you want to see more of your company s within the company such as the conversion rate it is possible to set the direction of personalization. Personalization is a method of providing content optimiz for each user and not an analysis method so the clarification of goals at this point will consider in strategy formulation among marketers and managers of each company. It comes decision . Step Make a hypothesis Once the purpose and goal are clear next is to make a hypothesis.

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In order to create a hypothesis

We first use the method of performing C analysis and P analysis setting personas and creating customer journeys. Here the data of existing achievements and achievements also serve as information for hypothesis verification. In addition we recommend that you use only online infor Email Data ation and refer to complex multifacet information to formulate a more precise hypothesis . For example when formulating a hypothesis for preventing cancellations the true cause of cancellations can identifi by using the dissatisfaction factors and reasons for cancellations of users receiv at the contact center as verification data.

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