To sum up industry conferences are a great

An here again with the solution comes LinkedIn. When you are at an event, it is worth inviting other participants as friends, thus expanding your circle of contacts. Besides, you never know with whom to establish additional relationships. We recommend the “find nearby ” function . To find it, enter your contacts on the smartphone application and then click find nearby . This will make it easier for you to find others. Industry conferences – how to behave at the event? After the event, it is worth analyzing the topic, all the speeches and your notes again. Maybe it’s worth publishing your thoughts and conclusions on LinkedIn or Facebook.

How To Choose The Right Places

If you do this, it is worth tagging the organizers, speakers and other participants. It also doesn’t hurt to talk to people you just met. Write an email or message on LinkedIn. Thank you for database the time together. It is also worth adding a few words of thought here. Let  this be a good start for further business acquaintance. way to improve your qualifications and expand your circle of friends. However, in order for the participation in the conference to be effective, the time spent at the event should be used to the maximum. How to use the NPS survey? The client will tell you the truth. or are you sure.


Modern Sale Why Does It Need Marketing

Is it true that all modern companies measure customer satisfaction? This is most often used in NPS surveys, customer satisfaction surveys. NPS share FacebookLinkedIn Are these cyclical or ad hoc activities? Is the knowledge of consumer satisfaction really important to us or do we reach for this knowledge only at the time of crisis in the  company? A few words about NPS and customer satisfaction. Many modern organizations more and more often and willingly implement various solutions related to measuring the level of customer satisfaction. One of the most popular tools is the Email Data NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey. To begin with, it is worth explaining what it is and what is this measurement.

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