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Communication is possible by electrical signals passing through the telephone line that connects the main unit and the terminal. Legacy PBX is characteriz by stable calls and high sound quality by using telephone lines. On the other hand installation costs tend to high cause installation of main equipment and wiring work are requir. Features of IP PBX IP PBX is a type of PBX that uses IP telephones connect to a network. It was the mainstream until the advent of cloud PBX and many companies still use it today.

IP PBX can connect to office PCs and employee

Smartphones. So you don t ne a landline phone. Of course extension calls are also possible using terminals connect by PBX. While there are many similarities with cloud PBX there are distinct differences. Cloud PBX does not require physical equipment or wirin Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List g but IP PBX requires installation of dicat equipment and software. Therefore compar to cloud PBX  house. Useful features of cloud PBX Cloud PBX has many advantages so in recent years more and more companies are switching from conventional and IP PBX. The first advantage is that you can make internal calls even when you are away from home. Conventional PBX only allow extension calls within the base where the main device was install or tween bases. In that case you can only make internal calls within the office using business phones but since the Cloud PBX can connect to employee smartphones and tablet devices it is possible to make internal calls outside the office.

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You can also make and receive calls using

Your company s phone numr outside the office. Even if you call a business partner from your smartphone your company s phone numr will display on the ot Email Data her party s display. Even if a business partner or customer calls you you can respond regardless of location. Another advantage is that calls to the office can forward to the phone of an employee who is out of the office. Since it can hand over to the person in charge immiately the satisfaction of business partners and customers will also increase. It is also attractive that various settings can made on the browser.

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