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In this article we will explain the types of PBX the characte. Iristics of cloud PBX the reasons why contact centers are requir etc. and also introduce recommend services. Whi. Ich cloud PBX do you recommend The role of a contact center you should know table of contents What is cloud PBX Diffe. Irences from traditional PBX and IP PBX Useful features of cloud PBX Why contact centers are ne LLSYSTEM is recomm. Iend for cloud PBX summary What is cloud PBX Differences from traditional PBX and IP PBX A PBX is a de. Ivice that has the function of connecting an outside line or an extension line to multiple telephones.

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To connect incoming calls to a main numr to a specific teleph. Ione or use extensions tween locations. However there are multiple types of PBX each with differ. Kent characteristics. Features of Cloud PBX Cloud PBX is a service that uses a virtual PBX that exists on the cloud to con Canada WhatsApp Number List nect external and extension lines to telephones. Since it can appli cost than the conventional PBX describ later. A conventional PBX requires a dicat device to install at the base but a cloud PBX is not requir. Another feature is that no dicat software or business phone is requir. If you have a terminal connect with Cloud PBX you can make a call with an extension in the Internet environment. Also even in an environment where the Internet connection is not available you can make external calls using analog conversion so you don t have to worry about ing unable to communicate.

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Characteristics of conventional PBX A traditional

PBX is a PBX that has en around for a long time. Also known as legacy PBX. In order to introduce it a device call a main device must install at the base and if you wa Email Data nt to connect with remote bases by extension you ne as many devices as the numr of target bases. In addition when installing the main unit install at the base and the business phone must connect with a telephone line. Therefore wiring work is requir in addition to the installation of the main unit.

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