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However the numr of telephones that can con. Inect to the system is limit to a few dozen making it unsuitable for large scale companies. It cannot us in multiple lo. Ications and has a feature such as the extension can us only in a single location. Cloud PBX Cloud PBX is a PBX that allo. Iws you to make calls and communicate on the cloud by connecting to the Internet line. There are many multi fun. Ictional services that do not require special equipment or software and monthly usage fees and functions vary dep. Iending on the vendor that provides them.

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As you are connect to the Internet you can wo. Irk from various locations such as multiple locations or your home during remote work. It does not require special equipme. Int so there is no cost at the time of introduction and system maintenance is perform by the vendor so there is n. Io ne for operation. In a nutshell business phones are more expensive to install than IP PBX but the runn Benin WhatsApp Number List ing costs can kept relatively low making it a system suitable for us. Ie at a single location. On the other hand cloud PBX is a system that costs less at the time of introduction but requires a monthly service usage fee. It is similar to IP PBX in that it can us at multiple locations. IP PBX introduction flow and points In order to introduce IP PBX smoothly it is important to hold down the appropriate flow. Here we will explain the introduction flow and points that you should check in order to introduce the system efficiently. Flow of IP PBX introduction When introducing an IP PBX it is important to first check the environment in which the IP PBX will us.

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Yen for the main unit but in the case of introducing a product with a main unit and about phones the initial cost is around million yen. The basic monthly fee depends on the provider but the market price is about yen to yen. On the other hand call charges are set at almost the sam Email Data e price as business phones so the market price is about yen per minutes. have to pay for the call so IP PBX can keep your total costs down. In addition to the above there are optional services such as automatic recording from yen per month automatic voice guidance from yen per month and teleconference service from yen per month.

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