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There are two types of IP PBX IP PBX can broa. Idly divid into two types hardware type and software type. It is important to choose the type that is suitable for yo. Iur environment cause each system and cost are different. Hardware type construct and us. High security can expe. Ict cause the network uses an in house line and a stable connection is possible. At the time of installa. Ition there is also the advantage that it can start only by setting the environment for a short . Itime after setting the device.

However when expanding such as adding

Functions or increasing the numr of phon. Ies it is easy to add or replace equipment which is costly and time consuming. It costs more than the soft. Iware type cause it requires the purchase of equipment and work when introducing or replacing it. Software type The soft Belize WhatsApp Number List ware type installs dicat software on its own server and builds and uses the system. Since it can introduc by installing software basically the cost at the time of introduction can suppress but it is necessary for the person in charge with specializ knowlge to build the environment. Since the system can always kept up to date with software updates it is also possible to ruce maintenance costs. Since there is no ne to replace the device when adding or expanding functions it is relatively easy to expand when the numr of employees increases.

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On the other hand since it is us via a network

Security concerns remain more than the hardware type. I still can t hear you Thorough explanation from basic knowlge of PBX to trends Introduction of consulting services Differences from business phones and cloud PBX Telephone line systems us in offices and cont Email Data act centers include business phones and cloud PBX. Each has its own mechanism installation cost and functionality. Business phone Like IP PBX a business phone is a system that allows you to use basic external and extension functions such as caller control and call forwarding functions.

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