How to manage Social Networks in the face of the Coronavirus crisis

Given the avalanche of messages, private messages and emails that I have received these days about what to publish on the social networks of our corporate brands or personal brand, I respond with three basic suggestions in my video. Slow down the pace of publications, especially promotional ones. Unless what you are going to publish has more value and usefulness in these times of confinement. Publish content with pedagogical and calm messages, not drama or excess motivation. Do not publish content of products and/or services that cannot be consumed or enjoyed during these days of confinement. Publish content to improve and learn these days at home and that are productive for our clients and audience.

Many businesses have written

Therefore, Many businesses have written to me to create training to learn. Therefore, how to manage their social networks in this time of crisis due to the coronavirus. Small businesses that do not have the budget to hire agencies or professionals to manage. Therefore, their media well such as networks. web, blog… That is why I have prepared a 1-week training, from March 23 to 29. 7 sessions of 1 hour daily with group videoconference, sending of email leads recorded classes and tools. The program is basic but effective, productive and practical for these days of confinement. Therefore, and for you to carry out from the same hotels and restaurants.

Emotional marketing

Therefore, Emotional marketing is that marketing discipline that has the objective of creating emotional links between brand and consumer. Therefore, to meet their needs and, subsequently, satisfy their desires, and thus convert that user/consumer into a prescriber of the brand .” If you continue to ‘fall in love’ with the brand, that person will become your ambassador, or brandl over .” This is explained by Elia Guardiola. who is an expert in the subject. Therefore, as well as in tourism Email Data marketing and storytelling , and one of the speakers at the first national congress specialized in online marketing, SEO and tourism

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