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Fight against breast cancer Although screening and treatments have improv survival rates, a mammogram is not able to detect a tumor until it has develop. The develop by Cyrcadia Health, could help doctors detect this type of cancer at an early stage. The data obtain by this system is transmitt with the security of the case through a smartphone to its suppliers. And through a specializ platform, doctors can perform a prictive analysis and detect abnormal patterns typical of a malignant tumor. The World Economic Forum article argues that Internet of

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Things technology is empowering its users to make better-inform decisions and this brings with it hope for a better future.ICTs offer possibilities in the use of tools for b2b email list the teaching-learning process and are conceiv from a new perspective that is far from the definition of the traditional process that prevails until today. A real walker fulfills its objective with the baby, as it is a support, it complements the awakening of a skill potentially present in the child. On the other hand, the solitary descriptive sessions on what reading is do not fully achieve the objective;

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Well, many times there is neither the ability nor the instruments in the subject. An adaptation process is necessary before getting involv with a book. Let’s imagine a space where the subject trains his vision to capture and create images through photography, film and painting, either through consumption or creation. Let’s think Email Data of a place where young people develop the ability to handle rhythm and melody, as well as articulation and meter. Through music and songs of all kinds. Let’s imagine an environment where day-to-day discussion and criticism develop the capacity for abstraction and analysis, the formulation of concepts, the birth of ideals .

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