Awareness in times of Coronavirus

Awareness in times of Coronavirus that brands use, through a strategy, to create emotional bonds between brand and consumer (person), to meet their needs and, subsequently, satisfy their desires. And thus, converting that user/consumer into a brand prescriber. If you continue to “fall in love” with the brand, that person will become a brand ambassador, or brandlover , and will be the differentiating point that will evangelize the brand. For me, at the end of the day, emotional marketing is a tool to generate happiness. We appeal to emotions in the content because we are more emotional than rational beings. If you don’t excite, you don’t sell .

What application and importance does it have for tourism marketing? How does it benefit a company or its brand

It is essential in tourism marketing, as it is a sector highly based on experiences. And experiences are achieved through emotions. Those brands that manage to make their customers live a memorable experience will not only generate customer loyalty , but will also achieve a loyalty that will make them essential for those people. We must generate experiences above sales. A sale does not guarantee you a good user experience; However, a good user experience does guarantee a sale in the short, medium or long term .

What makes them different and why are they more effective than other marketing strategies

They are first cousins. Emotional marketing and storytelling are different disciplines because one is marketing and the other is communication, basically. And it is not the same, just as sales is not Email Data marketing or marketing is not branding . They complement each other. They are much more effective because, although it is a play on words, they are affective .

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