How digital communication improves the citizen experience

If the goal is to make interactions between users and public organizations as user-friendly and efficient as possible, it is by prioritizing digital communication that public bodies can create positive experiences in line with citizens’ expectations. Ensuring the coherence, transparency, completeness and reliability of information on a variety of channels implies the timely implementation of latest generation communication tools, especially videos and mini sites. Digital communication, particularly that which occurs through responsive mini websites and personalized videos, has the potential to radically transform the citizen experience, creating innovative ways of interaction between users and public institutions.

If we talk about citizen engagement,

For example, the integration of reactive mini websites and personalized interactive videos can go beyond the simple transmission of information to lead to the opening of a real dialogue. Let’s try to imagine: a citizen receives a personalized video message Canada WhatsApp Number Data via email, the voice over calls him by name and the narrative in images provides a brief overview of a public service of certain interest to him. At the end of the video, an interactive call-to-action appears which refers, with a simple click, to a mini website, a virtual place built to measure for the individual user, which contains both customized areas based on his profile, his history of its interactions and preferences is a more specifically transactional section in which to proceed with payments.

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The key is to exploit the personalization capabilities of these tools –

In turn made possible by advances in data collection and analysis – to create a digital experience that can be perceived as unique and exclusive by Australia WhatsApp Number List the individual. For example, the mini site could offer not only static information but a dynamic and interactive interface that allows you to enter preferences, answer questions and receive answers in real time. The processes activated are not only transactional but more specifically conversational and reflect the customer service standards typical of the private sector.

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