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In this way it is possible to improve business performa. Ince using speech recognition by repeating hypothesis verification implementation of improvement measures verification . Speech recognition utilization method As I listen to the experiences of introducing speech rec. Iognition I gan to see methods for scientifically improving speech quality and performance. That method is Design. I from upstX digital transformation . In promoting DX some companies set up dicat teams an. Id specializ departments. Unfortunately even if such an organization exists there are quite a few companies that struggle to make progress. In order to promote DX it isream what state you want the call center to and what you want to achieve.

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That divides voice recognition into areas that are suitable for automation and areas that are suitable for humans. Use the man hours generat by automation to implement measures to achieve even greater results Instead of proposing improvement measures bas on hypotheses verify the accuracy of hypotheses using data. Since it is difficult to achieve great results immiately after in South Africa WhatsApp Number List troduction we can accumulate results by having a clear vision of the call center s issues and what kind of situation we want to have and repeating hypothetical planning → verification → improvement. increase. Introducing voice recognition and using that data is synonymous with realizing call center D necessary to formulate policies and enlightenment from the top down and to have enthusiastic staff to have an environment to have.

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Summary The introduction of voice

Recognition is just one of the means of clarifying what is necessary to make the center ideal. In order to achieve the ideal state it is necessary to clarify the ideal state identify the gap tween the present and the ideal and identify the issues that create that gap. By introdu Email Data cing voice recognition it will possible to improve the problem quickly and reliably. that embodies the ideal state and visualize issues that clarify the current situation it is effective to ask a third party. At LLSYSTEM consultants withgies and visualizing issues.

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