Digital Marketing Trends 2023

We’re nearing the last quarter of the year – that means preparing for your 2023 marketing game plan. Digital marketing topics gaining headlines include video content overtaking traditional web content, rising privacy concerns, and sales funnel marketing morphing. We’ve assembled the digital marketing trends for 2023 from a variety of trusted research sources and first-hand experience in working with B2C and B2B clients.

Marketing Spending at its Highest in the Last Decade

Marketing budgets are resetting to pre-pandemic levels, according to The CMO Survey. Compared to last year’s percentage, marketing executives indicate their budgets have grown 11.8%. Looking back over a decade, annual marketing-related spending has averaged over 10% and is predicted to keep increasing.

So how are marketers using their budgets? 57.9% of marketing budgets are spent on digital marketing activities, with the whatsapp mobile number list lion share (44%) allocated to paid media, according to the most recent CMO Survey. In general, marketers are investing in video marketing, brand building, customer relationships, and improving online presence through influencers, SEO, and content. Spending on traditional advertising is expected to continue its dip in 2023, falling into pre-Covid territory.

Let’s look deeper at how marketing dollars will be allocated in 2023 and beyond.

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These trends aren’t in any particular order. While you may not currently utilize some of these marketing strategies, they are worthy of your attention and consideration.

Tiktok has once overtaken Google as the most popular domain in 2021. Until now, they’re still in the top 20s with 1.5 billion visits this July 2022. Instagram has reels. YouTube has shorts. To put it simply, short-form videos are the new way of video consumption and marketers are quick to capitalize on this emerging behavior. In fact, the short-form video proves to have the best ROI when compared to other media formats. Youtube is still the most popular Email Data platform for video content, and 30% of marketers made plans to try their hand at it for the first time. Video consumption is still at its peak according to Statistica’s findings where US residents spend 1140 minutes a week on average watching videos on mobile alone.

So what are marketers’ main goals for short-form video content? Driving brand awareness, product education, and driving customer engagement and/or leads.

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