We then arranged the collected conclusions

In addition, constant product development imposes the ned for frequent contact with customers. When designing marketing strategies, we use the agile lean startup approach, thanks to which we minimize the risk of wastd work. There is nothing worse than a good-looking strategy that you either don’t know what to do with – or you know it doesn’t work.While working on the ” dTech and new technologies in the ducation industry ” report, we identifid 5 trends in dTech.

From it Developing the content of the report

Which were told to us by the precursors of technologies for ducation. Cohort courses, personalization of learning, new business  models, hybrid ducation and community building – this is the future of ducational products. Check what database the market will look like in a few years and which of the solutions you can adjust to your group of recipients! Discover 5 trends in the ducation industry.


We obtained and draw conclusions

The next wave in the industry is cohort courses Bartłomiej Rycharski, Founder of CourseMakers Studio: Poles focus on passive, inexpensive, closd and self-study courses. However, I would expect that in a few months cohort courses  will Email Data gain more popularity. The dTech revolution began with platforms like Coursera and dX, where universities and well-known companies provide online lectures and exercises. Then there were marketplaces like Skillshare and Udemy, where creators sell their courses.

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