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Setting KPIs Setting a KPI Key Performance Indicator which is an indicator of goal achievement is effective for improving the efficiency of inbound operations . KPIs relat to response quality in call center inbound operations include the following. response rate Abandon Rate Abandon Call Rate Average spe of response ASA Service Level SL The response rate is an index that shows how many responses were receiv in relation to the numr of incoming calls. Abandon rate is the opposite of answer rate which shows the ratio of miss calls to incoming calls.

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The average time to answer and the service level is an index that indicates the ratio of the numr of calls that can answer within a specifi time to the numr of calls receiv. There are five KPIs relat to operational efficiency Utilization rate Average handle time AHT Average Talk Uganda WhatsApp Number List Time ATT Average after treatment time ACW Cost Per Call CPC The utilization rate indicates the percentage of time spent actually doing work such as answering during working hours. Cost Per Call CPC is a metric that represents the cost per call. In addition as KPIs relat to customer satisfaction customer satisfaction CS which indicates how satisfi the customer was with the service and customers who quantify the customer s attachment to the company service and the degree of recommendation to others There is a recommendation rate NPS.

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Rate and turnover rate are typical indicators. Measuring these KPIs and reflecting the results in operations leads to efficiency. Introduction of chatbots and FAQs The introduction of chatbots and FAQs can also improve operational efficiency. A chatbot is a  bas on a set program Email Data and can automate responses. By installing an FAQ that summarizes answers to frequently ask questions on your website customers will able to solve their own problems and ruce the numr of times operators ne to respond. Introduction of IVR The introduction of IVR Interactive Voice Response an automatic voice response system will greatly improve work efficiency.

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