Connects incoming calls to the person

With the introduction of an IVR calls from customers are automatically answer by voice and connect to the appropriate operator rucing handovers tween operators. Since the organization can divid according to the type of response the knowlge requir for response can narrow down leading to a ruction in training costs. summary Call center inbound operations respond to customer calls and emails and respond to customer requests.

On the other hand outbound work refers

To work that takes action from here such as calling and approaching customers and prospects. In order to increase customer satisfaction and ruce the turnover rate it is important to improve operational efficiency by setting KPIs introducing chatbots IVR etc. Relat Documents UK WhatsApp Number List Cloud CTI is a system that enables the use of CTI Computer Telephony Integration a system that integrates computers telephones and faxes in a cloud environment. If CTI can us on the cloud there is no ne to install your own server like on premises. Since there is no ne for the initial cost of installing the system it is possible to significantly ruce costs.

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In addition building a system in house

Requires a certain amount of time and specializ technical staff but the cloud type can us in a short period of time from the contract. Difference from PBX PBX also known as a private branch exchange is a telephone function that assigns andanswer with an automatic voice. On Email Data the other hand CTI has the function of connecting and linking computers with telephones and faxes. CTI makes it possible to use PBX in conjunction with customer information management and other business support functions both of which are essential systems for call center operations.

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