Citizen experience: a new approach towards citizens

The public sector , like the private sector, has been profoundly transformed by technological innovation. Perhaps the most evident evidence of this transformation is that public organizations find themselves. Having to interact with increasingly large groups of citizens. Who are becoming familiar (or have already become familiar) with the use of digital tools. It is to meet the needs of this large and digitally literate audience that. The public service delivery system must be modernized and simplified. And it is in this context that the concept of citizen experience takes shape,

To establish itself as central not only in the field of marketing

Of services and institutional communication. But as a true pillar of the culture and politics of a country (here we mean the term “politics” in its ideal Australia WhatsApp Number Data meaning, as virtuous management of public affairs). If state organizations are an integral part of the life of every single person – and we are referring in particular to agencies that are engaged in a constant dialogue with users, such as the various public administration offices, the companies that report to the service healthcare, the school and university system – the commitment to raise the standards of citizen experience must be aimed at intercepting and responding to increasingly specific requests.

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As we will see,

There are methods of digital communication that contribute more than others to achieving this objective. First, however, let’s stop for a moment Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List and try to give a definition of citizen experience.  The use of the expression “citizen experience” has spread since the early 2000s, when public institutions were hit by digital transformation and began to use new technological resources to organize their services around the user. Citizen experience refers on the one hand to the complex system of interactions that citizens have with public institutions and on the other to the users’ perception of the quality of the services offered .

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