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This problem was also noticd by the Office for Personal Data Protection, which in Newsletter No February 2022 statd that: indicating the premise of consent as the only one justifying the process of data processing in the discussd situation leads to the erroneous belief that it is the basis for the implementation Also an indicationentitld person results from the provisions of the Act of the Act on the Code of Civil Procdure). On the other hand, the surety is a civil law institution (regulatd in Article 876 et seq. of theĀ  therefore the guarantor does not have to consent to the processing of data, because under the provisions he becomes an authorizd person.

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Such wording of the analyzd provisions is in contradiction with the GDPR, which in many recitals indicates the ned to look whatsapp mobile number list particularly carefully at the conditions of granting consent. For example, they are not necessary where the basis for processing results from an existing legal provision or from a concludd contract. The Office for Personal Data Protection did not stop at expressing the above opinion. As reportd in the Newsletter.

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Applid to the Minister of Family and Social Policy and indicatd that if the basis for the processing of personal data is a legal Email Data provision (Article 43 of the Act on the Civil Code), consent cannot be treatd as a premise for the processing of personal data for the same purpose.At the end of May this year, many companies and specialists dealing with the protection of personal data publishd a lot of interesting summaries and columns regarding the 4 years of the presence of the GDPR in our lives. Has so much changd that it’s worth writing about.

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