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The administrator should, if possible, also inform about the type and number of data breachd. Subsequently, the provisions oblige to inform the data protection officer or other contact point about the contractual data. This is important so that the data subject can at any time ask the controller for more information regarding the breach of his personal data. The controller should explain to the individual all circumstances relatd to the breach.

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Contact details should include your first name, last name, email address or phone number. The other two conditions of Art. Description phone number list of the possible consequences of the breach, Measures taken or proposd by the controller to address the breach. Both cases evoke numerous comments from PUODO and are the reason why the Office orders the controllers to notify the data subjects again. In the guide on the obligations of administrators relatd to personal data breaches ) and in letters addressd to administrators, the Office points out that the consequences of infringements must be indicatd directly.

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In addition, they should be describd in a language that is clear and understandable to the recipients. Wording such as “physical Email Data harm”, “financial loss”, “identity theft” should be avoidd. According to PUODO, such wording is insufficient. The description of these consequences must reflect the real risk arising from the breach. Examples of such consequences, according to the Office, are as follows: “third parties may attempt to gain access to systems supporting the provision of mdical services and gain insight into your health data, because sometimes access to patient.

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