Higher operating costs By increasing

In order to ruce such risks it is necessary to conf. Iirm what kind of security measures are in place at the time of service introduction. At the same time it is neces. Isary to strengthen the security of devices own by employees. of lines and terminals operating costs may come hi. Igher than fore. The numr of lines terminals and plans that can us vary greatly depending on the service so it is essen. Itial to check in advance. Think about the numr of users in the future not the numr of people who will use it im. Imiately after introduction.

If you plan to increase the numr of lines

In the future you ne to choose a plan that anticipates that. I can t keep my current phone numr There are many cases where a cloud PBX was introduc but the existing phone numr could not taken over. If your phone numr suddenly changes your customers and busi Australia WhatsApp Number List ness partners may get confus which may hinder your business. If you want to keep your existing phone numr you ne to use LNP. LNP stands for numr portability a service that allows you to keep your existing phone numr even when you change carriers. The caveat is that not all cloud PBXs support LNP. For non support services the existing phone numr cannot carri over. Therefore if you want to keep your existing phone numr check if it supports LNP. Poor call quality sound quality Cloud PBX that uses internet lines tends to degrade call quality and sound quality.

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If the line is unstable the voice may interrupt

During a call or the sound quality may poor making it difficult to hear the other party s voice. Also aware that there is a risk that the voice quality will degrad due to prob Email Data lems on the service provider side. Without proper security measures cyrattacks can overwhelm servers and degrade audio quality. Regarding call quality and sound quality you can t know until you actually use it. Therefore when selecting a service you should choose a cloud PBX that allows a free trial as much as possible.

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