Built in features for knowlge management tools

For example in addition to collecting custo. Tmer feback receiv at call centers we can expect to improve the quality of the response of operators by accumulating kn. Iow how on responding to various inquiries and complaints. By introducing knowlge management into the business dom. Iin of call centers with the Salesforce Service Cloud provid by LLSYSTEM we can expect to maximize the value of customer experience.

Knowlge Management Leveraging Salesforce

Service Cloud st practice sharing type st practice sh. Iaring type is a type that formalizes the most efficient and effective method bas on the success experiences and havi. Ior patterns of specific employees and shares it throughout the organization . Specifi. Ically we systematize and manualize the tacit knowlge such as the specializ skills and deep knowlge of individuals and the ex. Iperience acc Egypt Phone Number List umulat in past work and convert it into explicit knowlge to raise the overall ability of employees. increase. For example if an excellent salesperson can systematize the sales flow leadi. Ing up to closing a deal it can expect that other employees longing to the sales department will improve their ov. Ierall skills. Analysis strategy formulation type The analysis strategy formulation type is a knowlge management tool t. Ihat objectively and comprehensively analyzes the knowlge collect and accumulat through business activities and utiliz. Ies it in planning and formulating management and marketing strategies.

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Representative solutions include data warehouses

Tools that extract transform and load data in different formats and groupware that activates internal communication. As the importance of big data analysis is increasing it is an indispensable solution for implementing knowlge management. fu. Inctions of kno Email Data wlge management tools include help desk FAQ file sharing data mining groupware an. Id search . For example file sharing is literally a function for sharing business files within the company but not only can you exchange files but you can also manage versions. Also by using the data mining function it is possible to analyze the accum. Iulat data using statistical methods and extract only the necessary information.

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