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Comparison points when selecting a knowlge management tool When introducing a knowlge management tool there are several points that should kept in mind when selecting one. The following three points are the most important. Ease of use and features When choosing a knowlge management tool focus on usability and functionality . Since there are differences in the IT literacy of individuals longing to an organization it is important to check not only the install functions but also the UI such as operability and visibility.

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Use the free trial to check the UI and functions fore introducing it and then compare and consider it with competing products. corresponding device Checking for support OS and devices is a mandatory process. For example some products are not compatible with macOS or spec El Salvador Phone Number List ific mobile devices so it is necessary to check your company s IT environment fore selecting a solution.  popular we recommend selecting products that are compatible with smartphones and tablets. Security When using a knowlge management tool in a business domain cases of handling technical information and product development information are assum. Knowlge collect and accumulat through business activities is intellectual property and a robust security system must put in place to manage this knowlge.

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Management access authority setting log monitoring and tracking and select a product that meets security requirements . summary Knowlge management is a busin Email Data ess management method that shares the specializ skills and knowlge possess by specific individuals throughout the organization. The role of knowlge management tools is to support the practice of knowlge management and to bring about comprehensive reinforcement of the management foundation by improving the efficiency of business processes and preventing dependence on individual skills.

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