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Raising the ability of each employee leads to more efficient exis. Iing operations which can expect to improve the labor productivity of the entire organization. In addition since know. Ilge is stor in a database in a systematiz format it also has the advantage of improving the searchability of necessary kno. Iw how. For example this makes it easier to share and pass on tacit knowlge possess by veterans contrib. Iuting to more efficient human resource management such as employee ucation and training.

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For a company to create unique add value that ca. Innot imitat by competitors it is necessary to have knowlge such as the advanc skills and experience of skill workers a. Ind the expertise of employees who specialize in specific fields. is. However highly specializ skills and knowlge tend to depend on specific individuals which can lead to personalization of business processes. If we can est Croatia Phone Number List ablish a system for sharing specializ knowlge through the use of knowlge management tools  by competitors. . In addition eliminating the dependence on individual skills and increasing the transparency of operations will help prevent operational troubles. Main types of knowlge management tools Knowlge management tools can broadly categoriz into four types Help desk expert knowlge type Business improvement type st practice sharing type Analysis strategy formulation type Help desk expert knowlge type The help desk expert knowlge type is a type that incorporates specializ knowlge into manuals and shares that knowlge on a database.

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Rucing the workload of helpdesk personnel and employees with specializ knowlge. For example one typical solution is a FAQ system that organizes frequently ask questions and their answers . For companies aiming to operate their FAQ system efficiently why not co Email Data nsider using the service provid by LLSYSTEM from the link low. Ruction of e mail inquiries through FAQ operation Business improvement type Business improvement type is a knowlge management tool that not only converts specializ knowlge into explicit knowlge but also creates a database of how to proce with business processes and the framework for problem solving.

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