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In today s world where customer nes are co. Iming more diverse and sophisticat as the market matures it is not easy to achieve differentiation through an approach b. Ias solely on functional value. In addition to designing and developing excellent products we contribute to max. Iimizing customer satisfaction by providing sensory and psychological value which leads to sustainable growth. I and development of the company.

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Introducing success stories and nefits of improvement What is the method from acquisition to analysis of VOC Voice of Customer AI voice recognition solution for contact centers AmiVoice Communication Suite How to create a CX customer experience strategy CX strategy refers to a marketing strategy that focuses on creating superior customer experience value. An imp Norway Phone Number List rtant issue in CX strategy is customer understanding and it is necessary to accurately grasp the potential demand of prospective customers and existing customers. To do so we ne to go through the following process step by step. Understanding  situation and sorting out issues Strategy formulation Setting KPIs Periodic improvement through the PDCA cycle Understanding the current situation and sorting out issues In order to plan and formulate a CX strategy it is necessary to analyze the business situation from a bird s eye view and sort out the current issues and points for improvement. Analysis of VOC Voice of Customer plays an important role in this.

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The voices of customers and general consumers such as questionnaire responses and user complaints receiv by companies. If you can analyze the ima Email Data ge and loyalty of your company by conducting customer satisfaction surveys and sentiment analysis bas on VOC it will help you understand potential customer demand and current management issues. s current situation and issues the next step is to formulate a specific CX strategy direction bas on customer satisfaction surveys market analysis research results on demand trends etc.

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