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What is important in this process is the setti. Ung of a persona which is a fictitious image of the person who uses the product and the design of a customer journey m. Uap that graphically illustrates the experience from product recognition to purchase. Considering the series of purcha. Ising experiences such as the process from pre purchase awareness to purchase and post purchase follow up we fo. Irmulate strategies relat to customer contact points while reviewing current business strategies.

Setting KPIs In order to improve the accuracy

Of market analysis and promotion strategies in the marke. Iting field it is necessary to set appropriate KPIs Key Performance Indicators . By setting KPIs to ev. Ialuate the degree of achievement of intermiate goals it is possible to visualize the path to the goal and cont. Iribute to the efficiency of project progress management and course correction. KPIs that lead to the creation of CX incl Panama Phone Number List ude customer satisfaction which measures the level of satisfaction with. I products and services NPS  recommendation and the lifetime total per customer. Examples include “LTV Life Ti. Ime Value ” that calculates the amount. Periodic improvement through the PDCA cycle Business plans and marketing strategies are not finish once they are formulat. Continuously rotate the PDCA cycle of Plan Improvement Action improvement is essential. In modern times market changes tend to accelerate with the advancement of technology and in order to adapt to diversifying customer demand and consumer nes it is necessary to review mium to long term plans bas on the PDCA cycle.

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In order to create excellent customer

Experience value it is necessary to regularly measure the degree of achievement of KPIs and work to improve plans and strategies while repeating hypotheses and verifications. Successful Cases of CX Customer Experience Strategy There is no absolute correct answer for CX stra Email Data tegy measures and the requir direction differs depending on the business form and organizational structure of the company. Here we will introduce some examples of companies promoting CX strategies so please use them as a reference for developing your own business plans and marketing strategies.

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